TITLE: All My Gaps Were Filled By My Roommates
LOCATION: Sensitive_Soil_3061 - USA
AGE: 22 - 30
VOTES: 1,810
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I have been living with my current roommates for some time now, and we came to a free use agreement a while back in exchange for some advantages. They can fuck me anytime they want, and I'm really content to oblige. My roommate (f) and I recently signed the agreement, so the three guys can use us both at will. To get a complete understanding of what it's like, please feel free to read my other stories.

I genuinely adore the agreement, and I've had a great time using it thus far. Not to mention advantageous. They usually fuck me one-on-one, but occasionally they'll tag team or fuck me all at once. They have mostly been fucking me one-on-one lately. All of that changed yesterday. They all wanted to fuck me last night, so I guess they were really horny. They got into a heated argument about who had the better fuck on me first. To be honest, it was kind of hot watching them fight over me.

I ended up settling the argument for them. I announced that they should all fuck me at the same time. I guess I was feeling really fucking horny too that night so I was downnn. They took me into one of the rooms and they just started having their way with me. The atmosphere in the room was primal as fuck. It was like a feeding frenzy I felt like I was surrounded by sharks. They tore off my clothes and they literally ripped by panties off of me.

One of them was fucking my pussy as the other two alternated between fucking my mouth when I was thrown down on the bed. They treated me really badly. At the same time, you choked me, slapped me, spanked me, and spat on me. Sincerely, I don't think I have ever been more attracted to someone. I felt like their plaything, a fucktoy.

Sincerely, I can't recall who said it, but I seem to recall hearing someone say, "I think it's time we fuck that virgin asshole for the first time". None of them have really fucked me in the ass properly up until now. One of them has only ever pushed the tip of his dick into my ass, and even that barely qualifies because it was barely in there.

One of them got under me and his cock was deep in my pussy as they flipped me over. One of the others began to tease my asshole with his fingers and I felt him dripping lube all over my back and ass. That's when it dawned on me. They were going to fuck both my ass and my pussy simultaneously. Before any of them could even begin to formulate a plan, they rammed their cocks down my throat.

My ass had a finger buried deep inside it, and my mouth and pussy were both stuffed full of cock. It was an insane feeling, fuck it. My third roommate pressed something much bigger against my asshole a few moments later. It was his penis. It slid straight in after a few moments of pressure. To be honest, it was easier than I thought to enter.

For the next few minutes, I let myself get fucked in every single place. Never have I felt so abused. It was extremely hot. After just a few minutes of getting used to this, I was cumming nonstop. I was experiencing pure bliss brought on by fuck. The guy who was fucking my mouth was the first to cum. He loaded my mouth with sperm, and I tried my hardest to hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing. I was liking the flavor.

The two guys who were fucking my other two holes were getting closer and closer to finishing, and they did so in mere seconds. It was such a sultry feeling to have cum filled in both of my holes. It was really wonderful. I fell asleep on the bed, exhausted from them pulling out of me. I gave them my thanks and hurried to take a shower in the bathroom. I felt so unclean, lol. Yet I truly did adore it.