TITLE: Hubby Fucked By His Client
AGE: 31 - 40
VOTES: 2,157
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Hubby and I went to one of his clients so hubby could do a security audit for them, and when we got there, we we’re greeted by the clients wife Michelle, who apologised that her husband couldn’t be there as he had broken his leg. Michelle was in her mid 40s a rather large lady, with big tits and hips, and a massive ass. She dressed very classy, but obviously didn’t have a problem with her size, as she dressed to show off her assets, her tits and ass.

She took us around for hubby to do an inspection, and I let them walk in front chatting away, while I followed, but I noticed that she kept looking my hubby up and down every chance she got, and got very touchy when explaining things. When the inspection was finished we returned to her office, and she explained that they had plans to improve their security, and invited us out for lunch to discuss them.

She took us to a nice quiet restaurant with booths down one side, and asked if we could have one, which the waitress sat us in. I let them sit next to each other and I sat opposite so they could discuss their plans. So after we had eaten Michelle got out some paper work and plans, laying them in front of hubby and twisted in her seat so she was facing him. They were chatting away for a while when hubby looked at me and beckoned me with his eyes to his lap, so I got my vanity mirror from my handbag and positioned it so I could see under the table.

And Michelle was caressing my hubby’s thigh so I looked at hubby and smiled, and continued to look at my mirror, watching her hand now moving to the inside of hubby’s thigh, and eventually to his bulge. As her hand got to hubby’s bulge and she felt his big cock, it darted away, then straight back again, but this time caressing his cock. I just watched as she discussed her plans whilst rubbing my hubby’s cock, and it was making me wet watching in my mirror. Then after about 10 minutes Michelle ordered more drinks and they continued to chat, when I noticed her unzip my hubby and get his big cock out, and start rubbing it up and down discreetly, or as she thought.

This continued for about the next 45 or so minutes and my pussy was dripping watching this woman jerk my hubby thinking I didn’t know, then she got up to go to the restroom, and hubby asked if I had seen, and I explained I was watching the whole time in my vanity mirror, and it had made me wet and horny, and I told him to leave his cock out. We were chuckling when Michelle returned and she sat down, and her hand went straight back to hubby’s cock, which she continued to rub, while chatting for about another half hour before she said let’s get back to the office. They chatted for about another hour, when Michelle thanked hubby and asked us if we enjoyed lunch, and I couldn’t keep a straight face anymore, and I said, “ not as much as you, but, yes it was enjoyable,” Michelle looked at me embarrassed and said, “ you know, don’t you?”

And I explained I had been watching and asked her if she enjoyed herself, and she said, “ enjoyed myself, my panties were dripping that’s why I went to the restroom, but I’ve got to be trueful I’ve never seen a cock like your hubby’s, and all I wanted to do was suck it, but I couldn’t really have done that discreetly,” So I said, “ if that’s what you really want to do, be my guest, you won’t see hubby complain,” she looked at me apprehensively and said, “really,” and I just nodded. So Michelle, pulled hubby’s trousers to his ankles, and his big cock popped out, and she told hubby to sit on her desk, then grabbing his cock, slid it in her mouth. She started to suck his cock deeper and deeper into her throat, whilst caressing his big balls, while I sat back watching.

She gagged a few times over the next 20 or so minutes, then took his cock out of her mouth, and looked at me, and said, “ does your hubby ever cum, I’ve never met a man I couldn’t get to cum, within 10 or 15 minutes with my hand or mouth, but he has resisted me both times.” I just laughed and said,” yes but he can go on for minimum of an hour, if you’re lucky, otherwise he’s always a lot longer,” her mouth just dropped open, before saying he must be a brilliant fuck then, with a cock like that, and he can go on for a minimum of an hour.

I just smiled and said, “ oh, he is, if you’re up for it try him yourself,” she looked at me and said, “ you wouldn’t let me do that, what here and now?” I said of course, again he won’t mind, so she hurriedly locked her office door, and got undressed. And in front of me stood Michelle, a big very naked woman, in fact a lot of woman. All soft folds and generous curves crammed onto her body that had stretched to accommodate her size, and had the purple-red marks to prove it, with huge pillowy tits, that hung ripely with big, pink nipples. Rolls of fat rippled down her stomach to a dark hairy pussy, big hips, and a humongous ass, that was going to fuck my hubby.

Michelle pushed hubby backwards onto her desk, before climbing up, and straddling hubby’s big cock, as she lowered her big hairy pussy down onto hubby’s cock, I could hear her pussy squelching with her juices. She rode my hubby right there in front of me without a care in the world, going up and down on his big cock, her pillowy tits swinging from side to side, and as she went fully down on his cock, she yelled out. It was amazing the energy she had, as her big ass cheeks slapped against hubby’s thighs.

Michelle pummelled my hubby’s cock for an hour, having multiple orgasms herself, when she said, “ for fuck sake, will you cum, I’m fucking knackered,” she continued to fuck him, for a while longer before, hubby grabbed her big hips, shoving his cock upward, and filling her pussy with his cum. Michelle collapsed onto my hubby’s chest, and said laughing,” thank fuck for that, I couldn’t have carried on much longer,” Then looking at me said, “ he’s not only got one hell of a cock, he is definitely one hell of a fuck, you lucky girl, thanks for letting me try him.”

Michelle then clambered off hubby with cum dripping from her hairy pussy, and got dressed, and hubby got up and dressed himself too, both with big grins on their faces. Then we chatted for about another 20 minutes before we decided it was time to go, and Michelle hugged me as we left, and whispered in my ear, “ thanks so much, I will never forget today, it was incredible, you lucky girl.”