TITLE: After The Pool Party
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Dave and I walked out of the house from our little encounter, the party was starting to thin out a little. GenZ Tramp left, Michelle, my ride was still there surrounded by guys trying to pick her up.

Michelle saw me and instantly came over with a naughty knowing smile. She purposely, asked Dave and I where we had been, although she knew the answer.

Since it was only the three of us, I replied, “the sun was making things a little hot out here, so we went inside, and Dave helped me make a milkshake to cool me down.”

A guilty and embarrassed look came over Dave’s face as my comments caught him off guard, but Michelle did not even blink an eye at the comment but gave a knowing smile. She knew me.

Feeling that I needed to explain things a little to Dave, I said “Dave, this is Michelle, my BFF who shares my home.”

“Dave, “Nice to meet you. Sara is a great friend. We look out after each other.”

Dave jumped in. “Yes Sara and I met at work. I am glad she and I have become friends and I am glad she has a great friend in you.”

Michelle, Dave, and us talked a more and then Michelle said, that she had to go home. Dave offered to drive me home, which put a huge smile on my face.

Dave then asked me to dinner, and I was not turning that down. We decided to leave.

I went to the bathhouse, dried off and put on a skort and a form fitting tshirt that clearly showed my figure.

When I walked out and Dave saw me, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. His appreciation was very authentic. I can’t explain how good it feels when an attractive guy genuinely finds you extremely attractive.

Dave led the conversation keeping it away from sexual topics for the time being. I felt really relaxed as we got to know each other. We talked about work, family, childhood memories, and sports. We even got on to the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Dinner was at a casual Mexican Restaurant he knew. We ordered food and a couple of Margaritas. Both of us seemed to much more interested in each other than the food when it came.

I mentioned that my foot was aching a little, and soon I had kicked off the sandal and Dave was massaging it under the table. “Dave your hands feel soooo good,” I exclaimed.

He stretched my toes out and then used those great thumbs to push into the ball off my foot. “Geez this guy is good,” I thought. Whatever tension in my foot quickly left as he moved his hands down to my arch and then to my heel. “Damn that felt great,” I melted.

“Do you want the same treatment for the other foot?” Dave asked expectantly. I instantly placed my left foot up and he massaged the tension out of that one.

It was only 8pm and the sun was just setting. Dave asked if I wanted to take a walk at a park down the street and I quickly agreed.

On the walk, we started to talk intimately mostly around sex. I was very comfortable with him and he was not judgment at all about my past sexual desires and activities. He took special attention when I told him I liked watching Michelle with her boyfriends. I did not tell him about the last three months and some of what happened (I’ll write about those encounters in the future).

“What do you like in the bedroom Sara from your lovers.” Dave was being really forward, but I appreciated the communication.

I saw an opportunity here to do a little coaching as he seemed to want to make sure he answered the bill later that night. “I like strong guys that make me feel vulnerable, but safe. I had this one BF who held me down as we had sex. I would feel trapped but enjoyed the feeling so much as I could then relax and enjoy what was happening.” Dave was looking intently as he took mental notes.

We continued a bit more to talk and I even told him about my Tinder Date during covid with a 23yo who I went crazy with for one night.

“How many times did you do it, Sara?

“Seven,” I replied

“Geez, Sara, you really must have had cabin fever!” What continued to amaze me was he showed no judgment, just understanding.

Our talk started to get a bit more salacious and focused on our present excitement. He surprised me a bit and pulled me into the shadows. We made out for a few minutes as he rubbed my braless breasts through my t-shirt. He then slid his hand down my belly and into my skort. “I have to know something” he asked.

As soon as his hand hit my pussy, “Damn Sara no panties either!” Dave said like a kid who just found the candy jar.

“And Wow, you are shaved bare, aren’t you?”

I was in heaven as he was now taking the initiative and his strong grip on me when pulled me to the side, was a huge turn-on.

I kissed him and said, “it’s all for you when we get back to my place.” Especially if you keep taking charge.” I said smiling at him.

With that he slid a finger deep into me. “Sara, you are so fucking wet.”

“You got me that way, Dave” I said in a tense voice as his fingers were really feeling good.

Dave showing a bit more self-control than I, broke and said “we needed to walk more, Sara”.

He let me step in front of him, and he gave me firm smack on the ass slightly stinging my ass, but radiating tingly feeling throughout my body.

I know other people were around, but we seemed to be our own little world. We walked a little further and again Dave pulled me off the trail behind a tree. This time, he lifted my t-shirt up exposing my tits. He played with my exposed tits and Dave stood back and looked at me. He hands reached for my nipples as he looked at my in the eyes. My nipples were so sensitive from my heightened arousal. Daves thumbs and fingers rubbed, pulled, and teased my nipples. He ended is playing with by pinching them and making me pull away.

Dave pulled my tshirt back down over my very erect nipples. There was no hiding them; my nipples were hard as a rock . Knowing they were obvious to any passer by made me even more aroused. One couple passed and the guy had a grin on his face as he made eye contact with me, and surprisingly his wife smiled at me too knowing I must be having fun.

“Dave, I just love this” I wanted him to know so he had the confidence to continue and maybe step it up a notch.

“I can’t wait to get back to my house so you can fuck me.” I said telegraphing my most animalist desire.

Dave then playfully responded, I am going to make you wait and tease you so much you are going to beg me to be fucked. Then,

“I am going fuck that pussy so hard your are going to cum on my dick.”

Dave and I got back to his car and drove back to my place. We went around the back to patio outside the kitchen. I unlocked the door, but he pulled me from going into the house. “Patience, Sara.”

He grabbed my top and pulled it off as we made out more outside. His hands pushed down my skort to my knees and he started fingering me in my backyard. Yes , there was some light, maybe someone could see us, but we did not care.

He started to rub my smooth shaved mounds. He teased all around my vulva but avoided my sensitive clit which was aching for attention.

I was moving my hips trying to get his finger to brush against my clit, but Dave always seemed one step ahead of me.

He pulled me inside the backdoor (I had to waddle in as my skorts were around my knees) to the kitchen and turned on the light.

“Step out of your Skorts. Sara” Dave instructed “I want to admire your whole body.”

His gaze was hot, as he I knew he adored my womanly body. I felt sexy and desired and slowly turned around giving a Dave a complete look at my body.

Facing him now, he directed “Just stand there Sara and raise your hands up in the air.” “Damn you look so great!”

Hearing him say those words made me feel naughty and a little embarrassed. I was an easy catch for him, but he was the reason I was easy. I told a ton of my secrets and we had not even had our first complete date.

He placed the back of his hand on my side boob and traced down the side of by body, through the small of my back then down my right butt cheek. This sent tingling sensations throughout my whole body.

“Wow nice, Sara. You are beautiful, sexy woman.” “Do you want to go to your bedroom now? Dave asked

“Oh Dave, please lead me to my bedroom and take me. ” I said in a desperate, urgent voice letting him know I desired the main event.

As we passed the room next to mine, he asked, “Is this Michelle’s room?

“I stand right here and get a great view.” As I pointed out my preferred spot.

Dave replied, “I bet you do.”

We got on the bed and made out he, went down on me which felt great but stopped short of letting me orgasm. Coming up I willingly kissed his pussy coated face. ”Please fuck me, Dave, I want you to cum inside me. (letting him know it was ok to finish inside)

Dave positioned me on my back and pushed my legs way back close to my shoulder. Since his hands were occupied he instructed “Sara, put my dick in you” I reached down, took his rock hard dick, and I pushed it down to my opening.

Then, Dave did exactly what he said he would do. He teased me! His head would enter my pussy just a little, then he would pull out. I tried to thrust up by he had me pinned so I could not move much. Again, Pushing it in a little and then pulling it back. He did this several times barely penetrating me each time, but increasing my desire to levels it has never been.

I begged in a voice that sounded like I was almost crying “Dave, please give it to me. I need to feel you in me.!”

“More Sara, Beg for it more,” Dave commanded. I begged more and more until I got to my breaking point.

“Dave, dam it, fuck me, now!!!!!”

Dave looked at me and saw true desperation in my face. He could not resist me anymore and had mercy.

Dave looked at me as he glided in balls deep one stroke. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he said. “Wow Sara, your pussy feels great.”

The pleasure from feeling him enter me for the first time was incredible! We were both experiencing tons of pleasure as we were fucking in our own little world. We were connected at our pelvises but also very much connected erotically with our eyes.

We started to fuck with deep slow strokes. I say we, but it really was him. He had me pinned so far back I could not move. I had no choice to lay back and enjoy the carnal pleasure he was providing and taking from me.

Dave would slide all the way in and grind against me. The sensations of that cock in me were incredible. I could feel his cock head so well I had a mental picture of his cock sliding in and out of me.

Dave, then started to fuck me a little faster and but still deep. I could not move, but I moaned loudly letting him know he was pleasing me to no end.

“Does Sara want some hard fucking? he asked playfully. “Beg for it Sara. Beg for it” I barely could spit it out, “Yes, Dave, fuck me hard, I need it, fuck me hard like I’m yours.”

Dave moved up a little shifting more of his weight on me and started to fuck me hard, fast, deep. Moans turned more guttural, as his pelvis slapped loudly against mine. The thrusts were now not that distinguishable inside as of me as pleasure radiating from my pussy was now constant.

I knew I needed to cum because Dave was starting to show signs of hitting is ultimate arousal.

I moved my hand down and started to finger my very wet and sensitive clit. I felt a flush quickly come over me as my orgasm started to build.

Dave’s voice sounded as if it were in the distance though he was just inches from me, “Cum for me Sara, Cum on my dick you fucking bitch!”

The buildup seemed longer and way more intense than normal. Then suddenly, the pleasure in my loins exploded rocked my entire body. In my head I was thrashing in orgasmic delight, but Dave restricted my moment. This all seemed to make it better, much better! In less than a minute all of today’s sexual tension was very pleasurably released.

My orgasm began to subside, but there was no rest. Dave kept fucking me hard. I squirmed a bit as pussy was very sensitive, but Dave was already in his world he needed to take his pleasure. I saw his whole upper chest and face flush deep red. I was panting trying to catch my breath as Dave let out a long loud grunt! He pushed all the way in me and rocked his cock back and forth in short strokes filling me with his cum. I can still remember feeling his cock pulsate in my pussy and watching his body convulse. It was amazing to see my lover enjoy his orgasm so much too

Dave released my legs and collapsed on me. He had such a huge smile knowing that I was immensely satisfied. He kissed me and then rolled off of me.

I could feel his cum start to ooze out of me when he took his satisfied cock from my hole. I felt so sexy knowing this guy came in me. I felt completely and thoroughly satisfied in every way.

“Dave that was amazing. I do not think I have had an orgasm that long and intense before.” I said needing to let him know what he did for me.

“Sara, you really know how to fuck!. I have not had sex like that in years. And I do not know if I have ever had an orgasm that intense either.”

We then realized that there were load moans coming from Michelle’s room ... We giggled as we knew they heard must have heard us.

I drifted asleep with Dave spooning me and his arm draped over me.

The next morning Dave and I fucked again. I told him not worry about my orgasm as I wanted to focus my attention on him taking pleasure. He wanted to fuck doggie style and I was more than willing. I put my face down on the bed and as he grabbed my hips with his strong hands. He worked me over with his cock a second time.

I reached my hands forward and grabbed the metal headboard. Looking back at Dave, I said “maybe next date you could tie me up?” That triggered Dave’s orgasm as he came in me a second time. .